Noodle Processing Plant 

Develpment of Vacuum Noddle Processing Plant

Today, noodle is the most universal food that has ever spread world wide. Various kind of noodles which are represented especially by Korea Traditional Noodle, Ramen, Udon, Spaghetti, Vietnamese Pho etc., have already settled themselves as foods taken mostly habitually by common people all over the world.
All the citizens of the world are surprised  to fealize the fact that there  have been a  wide variety of  noodles  developed peculiarly by so many  countries in the world.

This means that noddles have  occupied relatively a great portion among numerous foods means that noodles have occupied  relatively a great portion among numerous foods which humen beings   have had interest in endlessly since they appeared on the earth.
therefore, as we developed and manufactured the food processing plant, we came to set up goal
in developing the worldwide common noddle processing plant with which to produce any kind of noddle in the world.
The developed of the vacuum Noddle  Processing Plant began from the starting ling of such a goal fo ours.


  Boiled Noodle Processing Plant
    (make use the most of Vacuum         Noddle Processing Plant)

2. Characteristics of Vauum Noddle Processing Plant

  1) Extemly minute and fine noodle tissue is formed, because in the process of forming noddle   sheets, the Vaccum Noddle Processing Plant press initial routh wheat/rice dough, exhaling the   mixed air by vacuuming. Also any separate/ special maturing   apparatus and time is not   demanded, because wheat or rice flous mixed homogeneneously with   water and a constant   temperature is maintained automatically.

   2) For forming minute and fine noddle tissue, the Vacuum Noodle Processing Plant does not    need   multi-step rollers. That is, as it presses dough with a single roller, the Vacuum Noodle    Processing   Plant will not only cost you a cheaper installation expense, but also can be    installed on a smaller   space of less than 5m(lengh). Besides, as the Vacuum Nodle    Processing Plant forms more minute   noddle tissue, the quality of noodle can be maintained for    a long theim, the ageing of noodle can   be delayed, the period of noodle preservation can be    extended

   3) As it is full automatized, the Vacuum    Noodle Processing Plant is simple to    operate. In addition,  designed so that it can    be assembled or disassembled easily, the    Vacuum Noodle Plant is convenient for both    cleaing and A/S.


  4) When mixing flour, the Vacuum Noddle   Processing Plant enables the user / operator   to use  multi-grains in great quantities and add   water a great deal, and as the result, various   item can be produced and qualities can be

3. Specificaion of Vacuum Noodle Processing Plant

 Capacity : 2000 Dish/Hour





 Additives Blending Unit

 Blending tank 600 Liter, Sanitary pump


 High speed Mixer

 50 Kg/Batch


 Vacuum Extruder

 200 Kg/Hr × 220mm


 Pressing Roller

 Ø 240/180 ×220mm


 Cutting Roller

 Ø 125 × 220mm


Cutter No


Kind of Noddle



 Korean Noddle,  Vietnamese Pho










Vaccum Noodle Processing Plant

Auto Boiling Cooling Unit

Kind of Noodle Product