Fruit Puree Processing

Puree Processing Division



  Blowing Washer (with Blower)
Peeler (Model CA-20)
  Inspection Conveyor
  Finished Washer
 Dosing Unit
  Screw Feeder
Rotary Pump
  CIP Pump
  Spiral Tubular Pre-heater
  Pulper Finisher
  Collection Tank
  Buffer Tank
  Screw Decanter


  Centrifugal Pump
  High Pressure Homogenizer
Storage Tank
Spiral Tubular Sterilizer & Cooler
  Multirole Aseptic T.H.E. Filler
Load Cell Drum Filler
  Cooling Tower for Pre-Cooler
CIP Tank
  CIP Supply Pump
CIP Heater
Multi-way Panel
Water Tank for Boiler
Oil Tank for boiler
Steam Heater

Utility Consumption


It crushes the fruits carried in from finished washer

A) Composition;

Stainless steel AISI 304 supports the structure for ;

  1) Hopper & shute

  2) Knife with cutter

  3) Bearing housing & shaft

  4) Motor & coupling

  5) Frame & cover

B) Description of operations:

When being taken in hopper and crushed with rotating knives and cutters installed on knives at high speed , fruits are discharged to a shute.