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Peeler (Model CA-20)

Purpose The FMC Model CA-20 Peeler is designed for precise, efficient chemical peeling of all tomato varieties. While intended principally for tomatoes, the Model CA-20 may be used for other fruits and vegetables as well.

1. Benefits/Features

  High Yield is achieved through controlled exposure to caustic, with automatic temperatur and density controls acting to maintain optimum peeling conditions.

High Peeling Efficiency results from complete immersion of product in the caustic bath. Induced agitation of the caustic solution eliminates "hot sopts" and enhances penetration, producing peeling efficiencies superior to those attainable through conventional rotary applicators.

  Minimized Lye Costs are attained through an integral holding section, including a highly  efficient lye recovery system which allows caustic draining from the fruit to be returned to the holding tank. When used in conjunction with the FMC Model PR-20 Tomato Peel Remover, the Model CA-20 Tomato Peeler can be operated at approximately 50% of conventional lye concentration with a comparable reduction in total lye consumption.

  Gentle Product Handling is provided throughout the machine. Product depth in the bucket conveyor is low, and the fruit is literally floated through the lye bath while being kept totally immersed by means of the inverted bucket principle.

  High Capacity-An average volume of 20 tons per hour (18t/h) can be handled in a continuous operation.

  Floor Space Savings are realized due to the compact design of the Model CA-20, which requires substantially less floor area per ton peeled per hour than conventional rotary or draper lye peelers.

2. Construction/Operation

  Fruit is fed at random into the specially designed, endless bucket conveyor of the Model CA-20.

 Individual buckets guide the fruit, totally submerged, through a caustic bath.

Temperature, concentration and agitation of the caustic solution are automatically controlled at all times.

Holding time in the solution can be precisely controlled due to the bucket conveyor principle, and is easily varied to accommodate changing fruit conditions.

Leaving the caustic bath, tomatoes are conveyed through an integral holding section where product is exposed to atmospheric steam. During the holding period any excess caustic on the fruit and/or bucket drains back to the machine's main reservoir. When the holding period is complete the fruit is discharged into the FMC Model PR-20 Tomato Peel Remover or similar washing device.
By means of a complete instrumentation system the Model CA-20 Tomato Peeler provides finger-tip control for adjustment of lye immersion time, temperature and concentration.



Length overall



(4229 mm)

Width overall



(1940 mm)

Height overall



(2970 mm)

Feed Height



(1067 mm)

Discharge Height


Matched to appropriate washer

Electrical Specifications:

230/460V, 60Hz, 3ph



Lye Circulating Pump


5 HP

(3.75 kW)

Dipper drive


1 1/2 HP

(1.12 kW)

Steam Inlet- IPS




Steam Consumption


25-30 BHP

(245-294 kW)

Water Usage - Dipper, make-up as required

1" inlet


Lye Usage - 1 to 2gallons (3.8-7.6liter) 50% concentrated liquid per ton of tomatoes peeled,

          1/2 to 1 gallon (1.9-3.8liter) 50% concentrated liquid when using

          FMC Tomato Peel Remover in conjunction with CA-20 Peeler 5 PSI (3516 kg3 /m2) minimum,



1" inlet 

Air - 1 CFM at 50 PSI (472 cu. cm @ 35160 kg/m2)


1/4" inlet

Dipper Solution Capacity (approximate)

650 gallons

(2460 liter)

Submerged Capacity at 100% loading

36 cubic feet (1 cubic meter) (16 buckets at 2 1/4 cubic feet each)

General Operating Range



18 seconds (50 buckets/min.)

48 seconds (20 buckets/min.)



9,400 pounds         (4264 kg)