Fruit Puree Processing

Puree Processing Division



  Blowing Washer (with Blower)
Peeler (Model CA-20)
  Inspection Conveyor
  Finished Washer
 Dosing Unit
  Screw Feeder
Rotary Pump
  CIP Pump
  Spiral Tubular Pre-heater
  Pulper Finisher
  Collection Tank
  Buffer Tank
  Screw Decanter


  Centrifugal Pump
  High Pressure Homogenizer
Storage Tank
Spiral Tubular Sterilizer & Cooler
  Multirole Aseptic T.H.E. Filler
Load Cell Drum Filler
  Cooling Tower for Pre-Cooler
CIP Tank
  CIP Supply Pump
CIP Heater
Multi-way Panel
Water Tank for Boiler
Oil Tank for boiler
Steam Heater

Utility Consumption

Multirole Aseptic T.H.E. Filler


A) Designed for the filling of 5-20 liter bags.

   With opportune accessories it is capable of filling 200 liter bags in drums.

B) With the TYPE 1" filling head, it is ideal for the filling of liquid, dense and viscous and fruit puree products.

C) Composition:

        - Stainless steel AISI 304 supporting structure for:

        1) Stainless steel AISI 304 filling head and parts in contact with the product in

           stainless steel AISI 316.

        2) CIP circuit, and product circuit in stainless steel AISI 304/316.

        3) Vacuum system for suction of air residues from the bag.

        4) Magnetic flow-meter.

        5) Nitrogen injection after filling.

        6) Mobile conveyor for 5 to 20, 200 liter bags.

        7) Control panel containing the PLC, running system, interface video for the operator,             electric, electronic and electro-pneumatic components for the automation of the                  machine.

        - Operator footboard in non-slip aluminium.

D) Description of operations:


Fully automatic phase with the cyclic actioning of the valve. In the case of an alarm, the time counter stops and does not restart until the alarm condition has been reset.


        - After the manual insertion of the bag neck (bag capacity from 5 to 200 liters) into                         the filling head, the automatic cycle of opening, filling and closing begins.

        - With the automatic loading of the bags with ABF (from 5 to 20 liters): after having

          pressed the "START CYCLE" button, the automatic loading, opening, filling and

          closing of the full bag and loading of the next bag begins.

E) Technical characteristics:

        - The control of the filling batch is carried out by the volumetric measuring of the

          flow which allows a final accuracy on the filled value of less than ±0.5% with liquid,

         dense and viscous products.

        - Alarm signals are visualized on the operator's interface video.

F) ABF (Automatic bag feeder for web type bags from 5 to20 liters).

        This is necessary when the production of bags from 5 to 20 liters is greater than


G) Mobile roller conveyor for 5 to 20 liter bags:

        - This is installed on the filling head's supporting framework.

        In the case of a small production of 5 to 20 liter bags (less than 100/hour), we

        recommend the use of this conveyor to allow a greater distribution of the product

        in the bag.

H) Label printing:

        Available on request only for 200 lt drums.

        This system allows the printing of weight and personalized data on standard type
        adhesive white labels on a continuous reel, for internal use.

I) Accessories for the filling of 200 liter bags in drums:

        - Two clamps for the support of the bag to avoid excessive force on the welding

           between the bag and the neck.

        - Non-motorized roller conveyor for the easy replacement of the full bag with an       

          empty bag.