Fruit Puree Processing

Puree Processing Division



  Blowing Washer (with Blower)
Peeler (Model CA-20)
  Inspection Conveyor
  Finished Washer
 Dosing Unit
  Screw Feeder
Rotary Pump
  CIP Pump
  Spiral Tubular Pre-heater
  Pulper Finisher
  Collection Tank
  Buffer Tank
  Screw Decanter


  Centrifugal Pump
  High Pressure Homogenizer
Storage Tank
Spiral Tubular Sterilizer & Cooler
  Multirole Aseptic T.H.E. Filler
Load Cell Drum Filler
  Cooling Tower for Pre-Cooler
CIP Tank
  CIP Supply Pump
CIP Heater
Multi-way Panel
Water Tank for Boiler
Oil Tank for boiler
Steam Heater

Utility Consumption

Spiral Tubular Pre-heater  

It preheats crushed fruits to prevent from brown effect and increase the rate of concentrated juice.

A) Composition:

   Stainless steel AISI 304 supports structure for;

1) Spiral tubular : It consists of double layer pipe; products flows inside inner pipe and hot water flows inside outer pipe. Therefore heat exchange is accomplished between hot water and products.

2) Hot water generation : It consists of hot water pump, inline heater and expansion tank. It generate hot water by mixing normal temperature water with steam and sends to tubular.

B) Description of operation

The length of spiral becomes different according to the property of products. Steam control valve is controlled by the thermal sensor depending on the setting up temperature.