Kosain Vacuum Evaporator

Business Line


Concentrated Juice plant

Fully automated production line from raw material input to clear (cloudy) stage which has promoted extract efficiency and high clfarity is newly up dated continuous prossesing facility.


Jam, Syrup Processing Plant

The high quality agitating impeller which has more than 90% fruit content preservation capacity can keep the jam and dairy product syrup stabilized preserve stype and has best reputation of KOSAIN CO., Ltd.


Puree Processing Plant

This plant is composed with semi-auto peeler, washing, crushing, blenching, cooling and aseptic system, and various crushed granule size and blenching temperature depending on different kind of fruit or raw material are the key points.


Bone, Chinese Medicine Extracting Plant

It is possible to minimize the temperature change during extraction and evaporation and to collect aromatic substances such as the flavor, solvent, etc. It is a machine which is proper for the manufacture of extracted materials that are required for long-term extraction and evaporation though the highly efficient production process.


Aseptic Sterilizing & Filling System

The aseptic sterilizing & filling system which uses the various filling vessel such as tote, bag, pail etc., is most important factor in future and emphsised in cold filling for freezing and refrigeranting especially.


Pilot plant(Vacuum Cooker)

KOSAIN CO., LTD. Operates the pilot plant which can produce trial product by applying same condition and technique of pressurizing, vacuuming, extracting and drying for real production This plant is vital for new product research and development.




Auto C.I.P System

C.I.P for removal of milk fat and rmoval of potein by heating, eliminate residual sugar and prevention of virus contamination became essential and principle part for food processing system.


Sanitary Fitting's Value

Since the exphsize on sanitary is not go too far.
KOSAIN CO., Ltd. Will do it's best efforts to produce mst suitable sanitary piping materials and plants