Kosain Vacuum Evaporator

Application & Function

① Combination, Vacuum Concentration, Sterilization, and Bottle-filling for foods preserved in     sugar (gam, Jelly, Marmalade, etc.)
② Batch-type Sterilization and Bottle-filling for High-viscosity Food(Sauce, Seasonings, etc)
③ Manufactured goods type of production function



Packed Type

Name of applied raw

Concentration, filling of fruit jams

65 Bx

Bottle, 3kg can

strawberry, apple, grape, kiwi, mango, orange

Combination of Fruit-syrup

55 Bx

Tole, DL can

strawberry, apple, grape, peach, citron

Concentration, Filling of vegatable Jams

72 Bx


carrot, cucumber, pumpkin, red pepper, chinese cabbage

Concentration, filling of juices preserved in sugar

30 Bx


plum, schisandra chinensis, tangerine, citron

Tea, Extraction concentration, filling

25 Bx

Bottle, Pill, Tea Bag

pine needles tea, green tea, solomon's seal tea, chicory tea

Sauce, sterilization of seasonings,filling

18 Bx


red pepper sauce.pizza sauce, steak sauce, bulgogi seasoning