Kosain Vacuum Evaporator





KOSAIN evaporator

• The production capacity is 250 Kg per process, and the capacity of    evaporator is 500 Kg.
• It has a dual jacket structure and has steam as the sorce of heat, and the    Inside Bottom head Plate is a semi-sphercal shape for homogeneous mixing    and prevention of dead-angled portion while scaping.
• The mixing equipment to which the Teflon scraper is attached is installed 30   degrees inclined with respect to the center of the evaporator, and the speed   may be varied by using the frequency conversion equipment.(Inverter)

Surface condenser

• This is a heat exchanger which is used for capturing and liquefying the latent    heat of condensed vapor evaporated at the saturation temperature during    vacuum evaporation.
• The condensation capacity is 150 liters/hour, and the cooling water is    circulated by using the cooling tower.

Condensate tank

• This is a tank for storing the condensed water condensed in the surface    condenser and has a capacity of 150 liters.

Pectin melting tank

• The pectin compound is the main component of the intermediate membrane   layer, which is a tissue that maintains the shape of the fruit by combining the   cells of the fruit. Therefore, the addition of a smallamount of dissolved pection   in the manufacture of jams is helpful to gel formation as jellyng is accelerated.
• The heated water is the source of heat as a turbine-type-speed mixer is   attached to it.
• Its capacity is 20 liters since the water added to be hydrolyzed is 10 times of   the amonut of the pectin

Filling service tank

• It has a dual jacket structure and uses heated water as a soruce of heat.  
   The Bottom head Plate is of the cone type to facilitate the discharge of highly    viscous products. Its capacity is 250 liters.
• The heated water circulation equipment is for mixing and transferring water    and steam since the in-line heater is attached to the upper portion of the    circulation pump.  The jacket of the filling service tank becomes the    expansion tank and much of condensed steam is discharged through the    relief value.

Vacuum pump

• It is of the vertical rod type in which the vacuum status is generated by the   eccentricity of water and the impeller. It has 2.2 Kw of power.

C.I.P pump

• It is a Sanitary centrifugal pump with 1.5 Kw of power.

Multi-way panel

• It is the equipment for distributing the washing water and has 5 ports.
• When washing the container and pipers during or after production. this   distributes the washing water so that is does not flow into other containers   due to the unskilled manipulation of the value, and discharges the remaining   amount.

2-head filler

• A rotary value and filling nozzle are attached to the upper and lower portions   of the filling cylinder head, and the jam is (filled quantitatively as they are   operated in order according to the PLC program this is confused. I don't   know what the person trying to say).
• The rotary value supplies the jam to the filling cylinder head from the filling   service tank and cuts off the supply of the jam is filled by the operation of the   piston.
• THe filling cylinder head is composed of a filling head and a piston cylinder.   The jam is sucked in or emitted according to reciprocation motion of the   cylinder, where the amount of jam may be adjusted according to may be   adjusted according to the distance of moving of the piston cylinder.

Control panel

• Speed controller of the mixer of the evaporator(inverter). temperature   controller of the evaporator (TIC indicator)
• Temperature controller of the filling service tank(TIC indicator), 2-head filler   PLC programmer
• Working status conformation graphic board, various power delivery equipment   driving swich