Grape processing industry and quality competitive power
South Korea style grape juice manufacture plant development
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Juice Processing Plant

South Korea style grape juice manufacture plant development

 threatened stable engaging in  agriculture in production farmhouse
 by  overproduction Is that a domestic  grape closes in upon in 400,000 ton  passing over 250,000 ton that is  consumption titer as bowing twice  area and outturn increase rapidly  between the latest some year.

10% of whole outturn lost competitive power already rain sun price and quality side to income grape juice that is opened perfectly since 1997 even processed food that do not become besides and is suffering much difficultys in inventory settlement because Jikjeoptto entrusts for health won in production farmhouse by self-plan and grape juice that produce by Pressurization Jeungtangsik does not find market.
Pressurization Jeungtangsik grape juice production small cost of equipment and surplus and consumption farmhouse income enlargement la of a processing grape were affirmative side view but it is not more racket and accomplishment work which owe at public opinion Tuesday of grape juice effect and it is Jeungron that failed in continuous and stable market formation.
If the biggest cause of failure was consumer's disbelief about quality, see and is worried if activate home production grape processing industry and solved present crisis but bring counter result preferably for long-term.
Now that is receiving IMF capital supervision, first market formation activates domestic grape industry and grape processing industry in present situation that is felt constraint more by decrease of domestic demand market by consumption shrinkage .
Do to do positioning by highest grade Tuesday solidifying quality of a grape for reproduction and second.
Between, a grape of yawning must do more than 40% processed food Tuesday to do schedule part contribution in adjustment of demand and supply of a development, excess produced grape by various product that can make another added value.
Specially, processing technology and development of processing plant that processing industry activation of grape juice that is large-scale consumption form can go and compete standing and quality side with income grape juice first of all being important can be the pressingest assignment

Main use

1) series grape juice (nature juice, concentration juice) production
2) concentration juice production (if add concentrate that is sugar, main quality is improved) when     add grape concentrate that is sugar by per Must (a grape that exaggerate and is crushed)     production and dam water as pretreatment of wine (Red Wine) production
3) grape Cloudy juice (muddiness juice) production as pretreatment of Beurendi or dilution main     production