April, 2001 :
    Participated in VIETNAM EXPO 2001      (Hanoi)

May, 2001 :
     Selected as 2001 technical innovation      developing company

August, 2001 :
Had its invention patent registered    (Aseptic Bag Filler : Patent No.:0308340) 

November,2001 :
     Participated in Korea Merchandise      Exhibition 2001 (Bangladesh Dhaka)

April, 2002 :
     Participated in VIETNAM EXPO 2002      (Hanoi)




KOSAIN Vacuum Evaporator !

 In the Preserve Jam Vacuum Evaporator, the isolation of the  fruit juice by a high osmotic pressure is quickly done due to a  fast sugar precipitation speed during mixing.   
 For this reason it is possible to reduce splashing and  boiling-up and to shorten the evaporation time during vacuum  evaporation.